micmole - it's all gonna end soon / dissociative youth - rapture

this year has been rlly insane n i love everyone who's been in it. i got 2 play more shows with crywank ni got 2 play with gerrard bell-fife for the first time n so many others. even if we don't speak much anymore thank u for making the good parts of my year so special
lso i'm trying to work on my confidence again so i can start uploading more videos like before. i know everything has to get better. i love u everyone

my friend quinn passed away on march 1st 2018. this is my favourite song that he left behind. quinn was a beautiful, selfless, talented and humble being who inspired me and our other friends josh, zach and zoe. he lived and breathed art and never stopped supporting ours. he didn't believe in his own but we all did, and will do for the rest of the time we are on this earth.

i collected clips from the city he lived in (medicine hat, ab) that i know he would adore. i look at this city and imagine where he will have walked and all of the smiles he had here. i imagine in an ideal world, me, josh, zoe, zach and quinn laying on the hillsides that overlook medicine hat with our guitars as we play and create shitty music together. i imagine the skies getting darker as we take pictures because we never want to forget these moments because we value eachother indescribably. i imagine us walking for hours as the sun sets, searching for the perfect spot. i imagine you still here quinn. thank you for every word you said to me, i will never stop reading them. everything our group does is for you now. thank you thank you thank you thank you