var Self / tranquility.inDifference(santa-rasa)

Imagine yourself in the pixels of the cover. What do you hear? 
We hear this album.

The newest cassette from var Self is one part of a much larger project from New Economy. Dilated Time is honored to give physical release to this beautiful portion of that project. 

The New Economy Project has really made a gem here. Minimal-newage-outdoor-ambient-wildlife-peacegiving genius. We can't get enough of this tape, we become more engulfed in it with each listen, and sincerely believe that you will as well.

Meticulously Hand-duped & hand assembled, limited to 30 some copies on red tapes and a couple more on other colors, too :) Free download of both sides A and B will be emailed to you (at the email you place your order with) at time of purchase!

***As an added bonus, every order will get another surprise tape from the DT catalog FREE!!! aaand a clutch of QR Code stickers that link to the var Self video that you can stick on whatever you want!***