Klein - Explay

'oi ur a fucking dickhead man 

all the bitches want to talk to me yh, 
i don't give a damn i just wanna be, man, 
i just wanna have fun. 
i just want my mum, man 
i just wanna cry 
i just want my dad, man 
i don't give a fuck 
i just want to die, man 
bun this guy 
bun this guy 
i just want fun, man 
oh yeah 
oi ur a fucking wasteman 

i don't give a fuck 
i just wanna cry, man 
just leave me here 
i just want a ride, man 

its cold at here 

- ima take my time 

everyone's know ima be alright 
now be alright 
everyone's knows ima bun that guy 
nah fuck this guy 
i don't give a damn 
i just want my mum 
nah but seriously 

(at 2.03) - get it, lets go 
i just don't understand'